TWD- Golden Brioche Loaves

August 23, 2011 – For this week Margie of Tea and Scones chose Golden Brioche Loaves on pages 48-50 of BFMHTY by Dorie Greenspan.

The timing for this one was perfect.  We were invited for brunch and this is a rather lovely thing to bring along to the table.

I quite like making brioche.  This was fairly straightforward (thank you KitchenAid) to make.  I always get a little concerned with the final rise.  Bread dough rises so quickly here in the tropics.  When you have to wait for it to warm up from the fridge it feels like it will never puff up.

While this is a nice brioche I think for the effort involved for reward factor I am still a fan of the no knead version.  I recall I did make this brioche recipe a while ago as well but I filled it with pastry cream and sultanas.   To finish off this post- I sprinkled some pearl sugar on top just before baking.  Pearl sugar is one of my new favourite things.

10 responses to “TWD- Golden Brioche Loaves

  1. It looks lovely, and great idea to put pearl sugar on top! I’m intrigued by the no-knead recipe – I have that book but haven’t tried that recipe yet.

  2. I love the earl sugar on top – it’s a nice touch.

  3. The bread us the star on the table. The pearl sugar is just right for a special look.

  4. Your bread is lovely. Pearl sugar? Interesting.

    Thanks for baking with me this week.

  5. I like pearl sugar too, such a fun little burst of sweetness. Your loaf is beautiful, a wonderful addition to any brunch.

  6. What a perfect thing to add to a brunch menu! Looks divine. I made the variations using the dough and posted those.

  7. Love the pearl sugar on the top, I have a bag of that stuff and never know what to use it on, this would be perfect with that little extra crunchy sweetness.

    • The reason I bought my pearl sugar was a French goodie called chouxlettes. Basically golf ball sized (once baked) bits of choux pastry covered in pearl sugar. I swear I gained 3kg from having silly amounts of these for breakfast when I was last in Paris. The man at the bakery was going to stop selling them to me I think! It is very hard to find in Australia as well (mine was made in Belgium). But, we I go to major cities I have a list of goodies to try and find and bring back. The Essential Ingredient in Sydney is the place where I go nuts. That is where I bought my chestnut flour ages ago and then I stashed said flour in the freezer until the recipe got picked (by me, who would have thought it!)

  8. Beautiful brioche – I love pearl sugar but it’s hard to find in the States. Perfect for brunch.

  9. Beautiful brioche bread. It stands out in the photo. Thanks 4 sharing! 🙂

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