TWD- Chocolate Spice Quickies

September 6 – For this weeks TWD bake along Jessica of My Baking Heart chose Chocolate Spice Quickies recipe found on page 140 of BFMHTY by Dorie Greenspan.

These are a chocolate almond dough that waits for you to be ready to bake it in the fridge.  All rolled up and waiting to be sliced into little rounds.  I thought the dough looked like a tootsie roll.  Mine took a couple of extra minutes to bake off but other than that all went as per instruction.

As you can see I tried a little flaky salt on top of a few of them.  Tres bon!

One response to “TWD- Chocolate Spice Quickies

  1. They look great! They remind me of little slies of rye bread! I didn’t bother to chill my dough, and it shows:) I did love the flavor though.

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