TWD- Classic Brownies

September 13 – Anne of Anne Strawberry chose Classic Brownies on page 88 of BFMHTY by Dorie Greenspan.

Baby Daniel has just passed the 6 month old mark and also was lucky enough to get his first (thankfully fairly minor) chest infection.  When children get really sick they stop complaining (that’s when you need to get really concerned) so I felt thankful in one way as Daniel grumbled through a couple of days and nights.  Anyway, that put me behind for my TWD posting.  Daniel is still not 100% but he can nap without waking up too clogged up to catch his breath.

So, back to the brownies.  I made mine in a financier pan as I love the edge bits the best.  The first batch was a little underdone and very fudgey.  The second batch was ahem, slightly forgotten as I didn’t set the timer and then got distracted.  Happily they were not burnt but became ever so chewy.  Very interesting and happy discovery.  Mine were as per Dories recipe down to the walnuts.  Really enjoyed these.  My mum still thinks the Katherine Hepburn Brownies are the best of the bunch.

What did you think?


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