TWD- Salt and Pepper Shortbread

For September 20 – Tia of Buttercream Barbie chose Salt and Pepper Shortbread on page 128 of BFMHTY by Dorie Greenspan.

Late again.  Baby Daniel still not fully well.  Not sick mind you, just not well.  So he needs lots of cuddles as he wakes up coughing and clogged up.  Lots of micro-naps.  Encouraging a better sleep pattern as soon as he gets past this will be a priority.  So, getting stuff done has been hard.

So, these shortbread are quite similar to the chocolate spice quickies we made a couple of weeks ago.  I used native pepper berry as the pepper component but I really didn’t get the salt and pepper hit I was hoping for.

Out of the slice and bake chocolate cookie recipes from Dorie I still like the very first one I tried (the World Peace Cookie that I made here and again here).  All good and all part of the fun of really trying everything in a cookbook.

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