TWD- A Fig Cake For Fall

October 25, 2011 – Ursula of Cookie Rookie chose A Fig Cake for Fall on page 198 of BFMHTY by Dorie Greenspan.  So pleased I am posting this on the Tuesday that it is booked for!

In sultry Darwin, (that’s a polite way of describing 90F during the day 80F as the minimum temp overnight and 80% humidity) No fresh figs to be found.  I do have a couple of fig trees in pots but it is the wrong time of year for me.  I decided since the fruit was going to be poached, I would use dried figs.  (Very tempting to go to my usual sub of a drained jar of morello cherries).  From the P & Q it sounds like there were quite a few subs for the fresh figs.  I am pleased I stayed fairly true to the intent of the recipe and used the dried figs.

It all worked well.  The figs are yummy in their tawny port and honey jus.  The cake is moist and slices well.   The problem with this cake lies with me.  I love cornbread.  I love polenta.  I even make mush from scratch now and then.  I just don’t get excited about polenta in cakes.  I keep trying, but I am not there yet.

Check the blogroll and see if others felt the polenta love.

7 responses to “TWD- A Fig Cake For Fall

  1. I am with you all the way on the texture of this cake being more like cornbread. I prefer my cakes to be cakes and my cornbread/polenta to be just that. But it was fun to try it and makes a pretty cake. Yours looks good!

  2. I loved the honey/port poaching liquid and I’m sure dried figs worked just fine. Your cake looks great. My husband also doesn’t like the cornmeal in things.

  3. The figs look yummy! I made my cake with apples!

  4. So glad dried figs worked – I couldn’t find fresh, but was worried about using dried in this recipe, so I skipped. I should have tried it with dried figs! Your cake looks wonderful.

  5. Thanks for trying the cake even cornmeal/polenta-cakes are not your favourites. The dried figs look just right in it! Thanks for baking with me this week!

  6. Your cake looks great, and your figs turned out great.

    I enjoyed this recipe, though agree that it is a bit more savory/cornbread-ish. I used a lot of whipped cream and the sauce on the side and found that to work well.

  7. looks so moist and delicious!

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