BWJ- Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

February 21, 2012- Chocolate Truffle Tartlets was the fine pick, recipe found on pages 382-383 of Baking With Julia. (Hosted by Steph, Spike, Jaime and Jessica).

This is a seriously over the top chocolate truffle tart.  It was nice- but even though I cut my tart in half was almost too much  for me.  I didn’t have any home made biscotti, and my local store had stopped stocking it so I used almond bread, a very thinly sliced form of biscotti.  Sadly- too thin as it turns out.  It went soggy in the truffle mixture.  Not terrible but not fantastic.

So there you go.  A few days late but you get that.  I just got a new camera a Cannon G12.  Decided I wasn’t quite ready for a D-SLR but wanted to have a bit more control.  We shall see how it goes.


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