BWJ- Pizza Rustica

Hi, my name is Andrea, I have fallen off the blogsphere for a little while.

No need to worry, I just got busy doing stuff.  I remember a line I thought very witty when I was a teen- “Only good girls keep diaries, bad girls don’t have the time”.  I haven’t been bad but time and head space has been in short supply just of late.

Anyway, here I am writing about my pizza rustica.  The pastry went together well and I gave it a rest in the fridge just to make sure the butter and I got on with the rolling out.

I used bacon as I forgot the proscuito when I went shopping.  I haven’t ever tried pecorino cheese (knowingly) before and I have to say it was tasty.

Now I have baked this tonight but it will need to cool before it is cut.  I will add my thoughts tomorrow once we tuck in.  I just really wanted to get back into the habit of posting on a Tuesday.


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