BWJ- White Loaves

February 7, 2012- Our very first recipe for the new book was- White Loaves, recipe found on pages 81-82 of Baking With Julia by Dorie Greenspan. (Hosted by Laurie and Jules)

So I made a basic white loaf and then had a play with the other half of the dough.  Cheese and bacon scrolls and caramel chocolate scrolls.  I thought since Easter Eggs are starting to show up in the stores I should finish off the last couple that were languishing in the fridge from last year.

This made a nice white loaf- not the best in my opinion but nice all the same.  The dough was easy to shape.  However, this bread dough worked better with a savoury filling I think.  I like a more enriched eggy, buttery dough for my sweets I think.

Nice to get back on the TWD wagon again.


TWD- Chocolate-Crunched Caramel Tart- Catch Up

For my second to last TWD post I did the catch up for- September 29 (I think 2009)- Carla of Chocolate Moosey chose Chocolate-Crunched Caramel Tart, pages 355-357 of BFMHTY.

I made this for our Christmas dinner dessert.  In terms of finishing strong this one will be hard to beat.  After my sadness with the soggy Normandy Tart pastry I melted some white chocolate in the base to seal it.  Probably not technically required but the tart kept an amazingly crisp crust.

I also found some cinnamon sugared nuts that were just lovely nestled in the caramel.  Everyone except my dad liked the dark chocolate ganache – too dark for dad- but for me anything else would have been sickly.

I will make this again when I have an adequate number of people coming around so I can share it.  Great recipe.

Now, I only have one recipe to go.  I am thinking I may try to make it gluten free (as practice for a friends upcoming birthday party).  I don’t have a lot of gluten free experience, but that is the great thing about cooking- always something new to learn.   Soon I will start with the Baking With Julia Bake along.   Wonder who will be baking along?

TWD- Pecan Sour Cream Biscuits- Catch Up

Way back on February 26, 2008 – Pecan Sour Cream Biscuits, recipe found on  page 25 of BFMHTY was the pick.

I made these on Christmas morning.  Given the kids were keen to get into their presents I shaped these into a scone style presentation.  I also topped them with some cinnamon sugar.

These were simple and easy enough to make on Christmas morning.  They were nice but I like a simple unadorned biscuit best.  At least I have tried a few variations.  All part of the learning that we all got to do as part of the TWD experience.


TWD- Normandy Apple Tart- Catch Up

Back on November 29, 2011 – Tracey of Tracey’s Culinary Adventures chose Normandy Apple Tart on page 304-305.  I took a little longer to bake it.

Sadly, this tart was one of the one I made and then lost photos from our Christmas robbery.  It did look a lot like the Alsatian Apple Tart made recently.

This is a simple tart of homemade thick apple sauce topped by more apples on a sugar cookie base.

This one was not a winner for me.  I should have sealed the base with an egg wash or melted white chocolate.  It just went soggy too quick.

I will chalk this one up to an interesting experiment.

TWD- Kids Thumbprints- Catch Up

Back for December 27, 2001 – Dorie herself chose Kids’ Thumbprints on page 163 of BFMHTY by Dorie Greenspan.

So my story runs like this.  I made the cookie dough on Christmas Eve.  I thought about baking them on Christmas day, but it was all a bit crazy.  (I also made the sour cream pecan biscuits and the chocolate crunched tart for Chrissie).  Anyway, after a lovely busy Christmas we all went to bed.  The next morning Matt noticed the back door to the garage was open.  We had 20 people in the house for Christmas Day so at that stage he didn’t really worry.  As the day wore on Matt couldn’t find his phone.  Then he noticed his passenger door was ajar in the car in the garage.  At this point the penny dropped.  While we slept in our beds someone came in our house and took things.

This evokes a lot of feelings even now.  All in all they took stuff and left my sleeping children (and us) alone.  This is what I try and focus on.  Stuff can be replaced but my babies are precious.

Anyway, one of the things they took was my camera.  I had been on a TWD finish it all off frenzy, all happily photographed waiting for the Christmas to New Years break when Matt and I both had time off.  So, when the camera went missing I just lost my mojo.

So much so, the cookie dough sat in the fridge until January 4.  And what a tactical error that was.  These cookies were enough to break my funk.  I didn’t roll them in chopped peanut but then the tasters got a surprise that the jam drop was in a peanut butter cookie.  My dough had become a bit dry in its longer than expected rest in the fridge.

These were fantastic.  Lurved them.  Gush, gush!  Sorry my little temper tantrum got in the way.  All my photos were taken from my iPhone. thankfully I had some process photos for some of my other bakes on the phone camera.  I will finish off my posts but the photos will be tres simple.

TWD- Puffed Double Plum Tart

December 13, 2011 – Julie of Someone’s in the Kitchen chose Puffed Double Plum Tart on page 378 of BFMHTY by Dorie Greenspan.


I was lucky enough to find plums for this recipe. They have just (as in delivered today) come into season in Australia. However, I forgot that I finished off the prunes in my recent fruitcake making frenzy. There was no way I was heading back to the shops so I went to my usual sub. Cherries, how I love you so!

I have to say this was pucker up and kiss me tart. This may be in part due to the new season plums. I am not sure what size and how sweet Italian plums are. I cut my regular plums into quarters.

All in all nice. It did go rather well with some vanilla ice cream. So well I went back for a second piece.

Go and find out what the other TWD crew thought of this tart. We are getting close to the end of this fab bake along. But, more to come in the New Year with a new book. So if the group bake along seems like your idea of a culinary good time you should join in.

TWD- Unbelievably Good Chocolate Black Cherry Ice Cream

December 13, 2011 – Laurie of Slush chose Unbelievably Good Chocolate Blueberry Ice Cream recipe found on page 433 of BFMHTY by Dorie Greenspan.

I had an open jar of black cherry jam and no blueberry jam in the house so I subbed in the cherry.  The chocolate ice cream base is indeed yummy enough to eat whilst it is still custard.  The jam mixed through does add to the sweetness but the tart fruit cuts the uber richness of the ice cream.

I liked this a lot more than I thought I might.  Jam as a proper mix in rather than a swirl as you pack it was new to me.  But, I was nice and I think my dad who loved Breyers cherry swirl ice cream would be a fan.

I do have to say I have been making lots of ice cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.  Do yourself a favour, if you haven’t tried her recipes, buy the book, go forth, cook and be happy.  Here is a link to one of the teaser recipes but the book is worth the splurge.